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Cry For the Children…

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…unless they happen to be inside a womb.

Democrats and others crying about so-called “child abuse and ripping children from their parents” who purposely bring them across the US southern border in defiance of the law are of course the same people who have no problem in denying children in the womb the right to cross a border that should be open for them to enter life outside the womb.  Even worse is that they will not only deny them the right to cross the border of the womb, they will actually promote destroying them on the other side of the border within the womb.

That’s ultimate child abuse that they self-righteously and arrogantly deny takes place under their immoral “pro choice” nonsense that they spout as a moral position despite the reality that one of the choices they support is murder.

And when it comes to ripping children, abortionists know very well how to do this to the children themselves while also permanently taking them away from their all-too-willing parents who are also among the real perpetrators of child abuse.



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