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Answering Catholic Chris Matthews’ Abortion “Penalty Trap”

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Omnia Vincit Veritas

Many well meaning pro-life politicians and spokespeople seem flummoxed in TV appearances with the bombastic Chris Matthews whenever he asks them what kinds of penalties they recommend should be imposed on people who commit the crime of abortion if it is declared to be a crime of murder.

After all, as Matthews proclaims, if someone really believes that life begins at conception, then abortion is indeed murder, so there should be penalties imposed on the murderers, like jail time, etc.

In response, the kinds of well-intentioned but largely inadequate answers that fall into Matthews’ trap vary along the following lines:

■“There are 2 victims of abortion – the mother and the child, so there is no need to punish the mother any further.”

■“It’s not about punishment. It’s about getting people to stop aborting their children.”

■“Such things will be worked out in the future.”

■“Doctors who participate in an…

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