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More on Using Precise Terminology to Counter the Secular World

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Omnia Vincit Veritas

My recent post on Some Good that Could Come Out of Legalizing “Homosexual Marriage” drew quite a few responses, most of which were quite favorable to the idea of using and emphasizing the more complete and more meaningful Sacramental Marriage to describe what true marriage is, especially in the public arena.

Nevertheless, some commentators do not accept my contention that the use of Sacramental Marriage is not caving into the secular world, and they express the view that we should continue to fight to use marriage as the shorthand for true or Sacramental Marriage.  This motivation is understandable, but the notion that using a more complete and accurate term is a concession to the secular world is simply wrong, and it reflects a misunderstanding of history and current reality regarding the better use of terminology. It also fails to appreciate the opportunity for renewed catechesis on the true meaning…

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