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On Second Thought, He Does Criticize Papal Statements in Public

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A Second Reflection on Michael Voris and Criticizing Papal Statements in Public

If a Cardinal, Bishop, or Priest imitates by word and context what Pope Francis says about this or that, and Michael Voris lambastes the Cardinal, Bishop, or Priest in public as he is wont to do, then by extension he is also criticizing the Pope’s statements in public even if he does not name the Holy Father in the process.

So unfortunately for Michael, it’s disingenuous for him to claim a high ground because he directly and publicly criticizes other leaders in the Church by name, but refuses to directly and publicly criticize the Pope by name when the other leaders and the Pope say essentially the same things.

Breaking this down, it looks like this:

Pope F says XYZ about moral issue SSSS.

Cardinal D imitates Pope F and says the same XYZ (in both word and context) about moral issue SSSS that Pope F says.

MV lambastes Cardinal D in public for saying XYZ about moral issue SSSS.

Since MV publicly criticized the XYZ statement, then anybody, including the Pope, who makes the same statement comes under the same public criticism of MV whether or not they are directly named by MV.

If the above seems a tad esoteric, then just think of it this way:

Assume Pope F calls MV on the phone, and he says the following:

“MV, please stop criticizing Cardinal D, Bishop Q, and Father B, because they are saying the same things that I say regarding moral issue SSSS. In criticizing them, you are also criticizing me. Remember: ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.’”

O what tangled webs we weave when we fall into a vortex of our own making.




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