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Only God is Beyond Public Criticism; Not the Holy Father

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“Who is like God?”
—–St. Michael the Archangel

As a supporter of much of the good work done by Michael Voris, his recent manifesto with the following proclamation did not really come as a big surprise to me as it has to others:

“ChurchMilitant.TV Will Not Engage in Public Criticism of
the Pope”

Over the years, many good people have literally begged the recent Holy Fathers to clean the Lord’s House via stronger disciplinary actions, removals from offices, and so on,…but I don’t believe Voris ever made similar calls directed at the occupant of Peter’s chair. As such, his proclamation is simply a statement of a position he has maintained as a commentator on the Catholic Church.

Nevertheless, this unnecessary and very weak position is somewhat similar to the approach adopted by many left wing commentators regarding President Obama. Like Voris opines regarding the Pope and ‘possible harm to the Church and potential converts’ from any kind of criticism of Pope Francis, left wing commentators claim that criticizing Obama in any way will cause greater harm to black people and left wing causes. Truth does not matter as much as the leader and the cause du jour.

Voris’ position is that he will continue to criticize the ‘cabinet’ (Members of the Curia), the ‘joint chiefs of staff’ (Members of Bishops’ Conferences, etc.), and ‘generals on the ground’ (Bishops and Cardinals in general), but the ‘commander-in-chief’ (Pope) is untouchable,…even though Voris makes it clear that that any pope can and does make mistakes.

Voris simply does not understand the call to also imitate Christ regarding appropriate criticism of the pope, and the secondary call to also imitate the example of the Saints in this regard. If Our Lord could and did criticize the first pope, and if St. Paul could and did criticize the first pope (and such criticisms are memorialized in the Scriptures, thereby making the criticisms Public and Present at all times), then others can imitate them and criticize the Holy Father in an appropriate manner prescribed by Church teachings. Our Lord and St. Paul did not back away from so criticizing Pope Peter because of concerns that ‘such criticisms could possibly harm the Church and potential converts.’

So as Our Lord, St. Paul, and others clearly demonstrate, it is the Truth above all else that must be defended, even if this entails criticizing the Holy Father in his decisions that are not protected by the Holy Spirit. Moreover, if criticizing the Holy Father in an appropriate way can better serve the Truth, to not do so can actually cause more harm to the Church.




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