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If Only…A Few “Thoughts” on the Oklahoma Tornado Tragedies

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Heartfelt prayers and other forms of assistance go out to the many people devastated by the tornadoes in Oklahoma over the past few days. Nevertheless, I’m sure that the intensity of these tornadoes will soon be attributed to man-made global warming, and in this benighted spirit I offer a few thoughts for consideration:

If only we had a national registration of all tornadoes, the ones that struck Oklahoma might not have occurred. With registration, rogue tornadoes will hardly ever appear.

Why does Oklahoma need to have tornadoes that size anyway? Can’t smaller ones do enough damage? Why can’t people just settle on thunderstorms?

They don’t have tornadoes in many other parts of the world. Only the United States has them in abundance. Why are we into so much violence in this country?

If humans didn’t harm the environment as much as we do, then tornadoes would be much less damaging. Obviously, the people of Oklahoma and surrounding states must do much more harm to the environment than anywhere else in the world. The devastation that these people experience from tornadoes is clearly their own fault.

While you might dismiss the comments above as simple sarcasm, just wait until you see some of these comments or close variations featured in the mainstream media, and on cable networks like MSNBC and CNN.



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